Pablo DeChaves' Electric Motorcycle Dream Gets Real

DeChaves Electric Motorcycle

Spanish designer Pablo DeChaves has been sketching up motorcycle designs for years. About 18 months ago, however, he decided it was time to put the pencil down and pick up a welding torch- announcing that he’d be building his vision for a powerful, nimble, and purposeful electric motorcycle design on his own. After a lot of hard work and a steep learning curve, DeChaves 13, Pablo’s first prototype, is ready to hit the road.

Pablo published a comprehensive spec. list for his bike, which includes a 40 hp electric motor that can maintain about 14 “road hp” at cruising speeds, which should be good for well over 50 mph with a top speed well in excess of 60 mph. I’ve included the specs, as they appear on DeChaves’ blog, here.

  • Motor: Enertrac MHM 602 air cooled
  • Continuous power (KW): 10 (14CV)
  • Peak power (KW): 30 (41CV). Currently limited to 20CV
  • Controller: Kelly KBL09401B: 24-96V,400A.
  • Battery cells type: 72 LiFePO4 cells 3,2V/15Ah.
  • Battery Pack: 76,8V/45Ah. 24S/3P
  • Capacity: 3,45 kWh nominal
  • Offboard charger: 1,5KW TC charger HF/PFC. CAN BUS communication
  • Battery Management System: Orion BMS. Digital
  • Max speed: 10 RPM/Volt. 100km/h
  • Seat height: Adjustable between 800 and 850mm
  • Lenght: 2090mm
  • Height: 1050mm (without mirrors)
  • Width:715mm
  • Ground clearance: 170mm
  • Chassis: Tubular Steel frame/machined aluminum
  • Wheelbase: 1450mm
  • Rake angle: 24º
  • Trail: 95mm
  • Swingarm length:550mm
  • Front suspension Travel: 130mm Hydraulic telescopic fork, 37mm tubes
  • Rear suspension Travel: 110mm monoshock
  • Front brake: hydraulic 1 disc brake 280mm diameter. Two pistons brake caliper
  • Rear brake: hydraulic 1 disc brake 220mm diameter. Two pistons brake caliper
  • Front rim: WM3, 36 holes 18 X 2.15
  • Rear rim: WM3, 36 holes 18 X 2.15
  • Front tire: 100 /90 18”
  • Rear tire: 100 /90 18”

    You can read a bit more about Pablo’s growth and experience throughout the electric motorcycle building process in his own words …

    It was a project that I started as a hobby and as an excuse to learn, and I have to say that I have learned a lot but it has also been exhausting. I have learned to accelerate the design process and the prototyping stage. I have learned about electric bikes, batteries, controllers, BMS, etc. Now I can TIG weld steel and aluminum and I can also do the motorcycle wiring pretty fast (I have crimped so many terminals that I am an expert now …). I have even learned to make “professional” studio photos.

    Perhaps one of the toughest things to resolve was the electrical system of the bike. I have always been responsible for the mechanical design and the aesthetical part and this electrical issue was pretty new for me. However, I have to admit that after this project both electronics and everything related to light electric vehicle or batteries, catches my attention.

    … and take a look at a few photos of DeChaves’ electric motorcycle prototype, below- but keep in mind that this is just a “proof-of-concept” type build. A stepping stone, in other words, for Pablo to perfect his ideas before he moves on to the “big” build.

    Stay tuned for that!


    Source | Photos: DeChaves Motion.

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