Icon E-Flyer Inspired By The Bicycles Of World War I

icon-e-flyer-f34-small-1Icon has built a reputation as an upcycler of old vehicle designs modernized with contemporary powertrains and equipment. This includes popular off-roaders like the Toyota FJ and the recently-revealed Ford Bronco, though Icon’s latest vehicle is a custom e-bike design drawing inspiration from the battlefield bicycles of the Great War.

The Icon E-Flyer is inspired by the board racers of the World War I era, but instead of relying on simply pedal power, the E-Flyer has a 3,500 watt electric motor on board. Though limiting power to just 750 watts (or 1 horsepower) on the road, the Icon E-Flyer can take riders up to 35 miles thanks to the 52-volt on-board battery pack.

The battery takes just two hours to charge, and unassisted top speed is 36 mph, though most local city laws limit its top speed to just 20 mph. Sporting a hydro-formed aluminum frame and Brooks leather saddlebag and seat, the Icon E-Flyer doesn’t come cheaper; prices start at $4,995, and custom features only send that number higher.

With just 50 examples to be sold, the Icon E-Flyer is definitely going to an exclusive club of e-bike enthusiasts. If it wasn’t about to be winter for the next 5 months (and I wasn’t a member of the lowest-paid generation of American workers in the past century), I might be in the market for one myself.

Source: ICON

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