LA 2013: New 3-Cyl. 2014 Mini Cooper to Break Cover

2014 mini cooper

The new for 2014 Mini Cooper is set to debut later this month at the LA Auto Show with a number of serious mechanical changes geared at reducing weight, improving performance, and maximizing the small car’s miles per gallon. The 2014 mini is also expected to replace its traditional center-stack instruments with a head-ups display that projects information on to a small retractable screen directly in front of the driver. This includes driving speed, navigation instructions and the current speed limit.

The new Mini is expected to take a page from Ford’s Ecoboost handbook and put a 1.5 liter, 3-cylinder turbo under the hoods of the base models, with a more powerful, 189 hp 2.0 liter turbo in the Cooper S models.

Finally, the 2014 Mini will reportedly get a new, much stronger passenger cell that makes use of slightly larger crumple zones front and rear, as well as a new hood that senses a collision and “pops up” to help absorb more of the impact. The larger size and increased safety of the Mini takes advantage of the weight-savings measures mentioned, above, and doesn’t carry the expected “bigger + safer” weight penalty.

We’ll have more information, pricing, and the EPA’s expected MPG rating after the car’s official debut in two weeks. Until then, you can spoil the reveal with these pics, below, part of a much larger, 22-strong image gallery over at Auto Express. Enjoy!


Source | More Photos: Auto Express UK.

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