Cadillac Considering More Battery-Based Vehicles

caddy-elmirajEven though the Cadillac ELR is still two months away from launch, GM’s luxury division is reportedly already considering the addition of several other battery-electric vehicles to its lineup. With Cadillac aiming to rival Tesla Motors in the luxury electric car market, GM certainly has its work cut out for it, though that doesn’t mean Elon Musk shouldn’t be looking over his shoulder.

What shape those future products will take apparently isn’t up for discussion yet, though you can bet Cadillac is going to aim for the super high-end of the electric car market. The $75,995 MSRP of the Chevy Volt-based Cadillac ELR is GM’s attempt to make money back on technology that is barely breaking even on.

But while the suits aren’t laying out any specifics, there was talk of a battery-electric vehicle even larger than the Cadillac ELR, perhaps even based on the beautiful Cadillac Elmiraj concept that debuted this year. The market is definitely there, and GM needs to roll out lots of clean, green cars if it hopes to meet government fuel economy standards.

If Cadillac really, really wants to make a big entry into the electric vehicle/plug-in hybrid game though, I believe their best bet would be a plug-in hybrid Escalade. It could fit a big battery, boast a big price, and serve as a big reminder that Cadillac can turn even the least eco-friendly vehicle into a hippie dream ride.

 Source: The Detroit Bureau

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