$20M SPIDERS Means More EVs for US Military

SPIDERS US military

America’s armed forces have been moving towards EVs in recent years. Given the quiet running, low heat signature, and epic performance potential of military EVs, that shouldn’t surprise anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Earlier this year, the Department of Defense launched a $20 million initiative to put more than 90,000 alt-fuel and electric vehicles on military bases by 2020, with the vast majority of those being plug-in hybrids or EVs in a bid to reduce emissions, stabilize fuel costs, and familiarize technicians with EV technology.

Tina Casey, over at our sister site, Cleantechnica, has more on this “electrifying” military story, which we’ve reprinted here. Enjoy!


US Military Will Get Thousands More EVs As SPIDERS Web Grows (via Clean Technica)

We were pretty impressed when the Department of Defense launched a $20 million leasing program for alternative fuel vehicles earlier this year, but that only involved a mere 500 vehicles. Our friends over at Navigant Research are predicting that DoD…

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