Suzuki EXTrigger Set to Square Off Against Honda Grom

Suzuki Extrigger vs. Honda Grom

This is Suzuki’s EXTrigger concept bike. A bike that’s been designed and built to go toe-to-toe with Honda’s hot-selling, genre-defying Grom 125 cc urban-assault bike with more aggressive styling, a more upright riding position, and an “automatic” twist-and-go riding experience. Suzuki went a even further than in raising the bar set by the little Grom with a torquey, zero-emission electric motor.

Oh, yeah!

Suzuki knows what’s up. Despite the fact that the company just came out of bankruptcy is already facing a massive recall on more than 200,000 examples of its flagship GSX-R sport bike, Suzuki definitely sees the future of American motorcycling through a clean and polished cristal ball: the future of motorcycling is small, accessible bikes that reward aggressive riding that doesn’t punish the pocketbook … bikes exactly like this new EXTrigger concept, in other words.

There’s no word on the EXTrigger’s specs or performance yet, but expect something like 35 mph and a 40-mile range. If the acceleration is hard enough, especially that pull off the line, that should be more than enough to accomplish Suzuki’s mission of attracting new riders and commuters to the sport, and put it a step ahead of the 130 MPG Grom in the hearts of eco-conscious urban commuters, too!


Source: Suzuki, via Asphalt and Rubber.

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