EcoBoost-powered Skyrunner Is An All-Terrain Paraglider

skyrunner-1There are all-terrain vehicles, and then there is the SkyRunner, an EcoBoost-powered Paraglider that can go almost literally anywhere in the world. This could very well be the closest we ever come to a true “flying car.”

Priced at around $119,000, the Skyrunner uses a 123 horsepower, 1.0 liter three-cylinder EcoBoost for power. Not only is this Ford engine fuel-efficient, but it is also extremely lightweight, a key feature for any flying car. The engine provides ample power both in the air and on land, and the CEO of Skyrunner says you can get airborne on secluded beaches or long grass strips, doing away with the need for airports.

On the ground, the Skyrunner can go up to 115 mph, with a 0 to 60 mph time of just 4.3 seconds thanks to its lightweight. In the air speed is limited to just 55 mph, though the ability to go over most obstacles is sure to save some time. Besides just general aerial observation, the Skyrunner could be a literal lifesaver in areas that lack road access…though I could think of a few nefarious uses for such a vehicle as well.

I can dig it, can you?

Source: Skyrunner

Christopher DeMorro

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