Daihatsu FC Deck Fuel Cell Concept Is A Heart Scratcher

fc-1In Japan, teeny tiny kei cars are all the rage with a citizenry that has had it with big cars and constant congestion. Daihatsu is a leading seller of these diminutive automobiles, though they’re expanding their market with the FC Deck concept. This hydrogen fuel cell-powered cab-over semi truck is a real head scratcher. Is there market potential here?

Perhaps, though the FC Deck appears to be purely conceptual for now. With wraparound glass and a can’t-ignore design, the FC Deck is  meant to be a multi-purpose vehicle, with a free-standing generator developed alongside the clean, green fuel cell semi truck.


While hydrogen fuel cell cars constantly seem to be just around the corner, the fueling infrastructure is far from complete. Using hydrogen fuel cell trucks at first, however, placing hydrogen fueling stations along major routes and truck stops, could give the infrastructure system a boot in the butt.

And if Daihatsu plays its cards right, the FC Deck could be the right truck at the right time. Or, you know, just remain another wild and crazy concept. Look for the FC Deck concept to debut at the Tokyo Auto Show.

 Source: Daihatsu

Christopher DeMorro

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