Video: Electric Miata Blasts Down Dragstrip In 9 Seconds

electric-miataWhile a lot of focus on electric motorsports sits with the newly-formed Formula E series, the National Electric Drag Racing Association has been silently and speedily setting records and going fast. The latest accomplishment out of NEDRA comes from President John Metric and his electric Miata, Assault & Battery, which laid down a low 9-second pass earlier this month.

Metric’s Miata ran a newly-installed 333-volt lithium-ion battery pack with two Zilla controllers and a park of forklift motors driving the rear wheels. While the team initially planned to only run 900 amps down the track, Metric raised the power level to 1100 amps, intent on flexing his new battery pack.

And flex he did, ripping off an incredible 9.12 second quarter mile at a blistering 145 mph. That parachute ain’t just for looks people. Incredible, Metric laid down a 1.3 second 60-foot time, and the 9.12 second run was enough to set a new NEDRA XS/A2 class record. This is one of the fastest production-body electric cars out there, and there’s still plenty of juice left to play with.

It won’t be long now before John Metric and his electric Miata make a run for the 8s.

Source: NEDRA

Christopher DeMorro

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