Altran And Quimera Unveil Latest Version Of AEGT Electric Race Car

quimera-2All-electric racing, a laughable idea just a decade ago, is now an inevitability with racing series like the Formula E pulling in some big names. One Formula E partner, Quimera, has joined forces with Altran to develop a second-generation of its All-Electric GT race car and drift car, which has been revealed in these latest renderings.

Specifications of the AEGT Evo2 remain under wraps, though the first iteration of this electric race car had a trio of electric motors pumping out approximately 700 horsepower. This allowed the 2011 version of Quimera’s electric race car to go up to 185 mph, and there was talk of an international, all-electric drifting league as well.


Alas, it seems those plans are on the back burner for now, and version 2.0 of the AEGT is currently confined to the world of lovely-looking renderings, rather than reality. The AEGT Evo2 looks even more futuristic than its predecessor, a sleek, almost spaceship-like design that I could absolutely see racing around the tracks and cities of the future.

Keep an eye out for this electric race car; it looks like a handful.

 Source: Quimera

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