F1 Legend Backs Formula E Team

prostAlain Prost is a French-born Formula One legend, winning four Formula One Driver Championships while driving in a style that some have called almost relaxed. He’s still a big part of motorsports, and he’s throwing his substantial pull (along with finances) behind a Formula E team called e.dams. It’s the fifth such team to sign up for the inaugural electric racing series.

That means the Formula E series is halfway full, with the hope that ten teams in total will sign on. Prost is also serving as brand ambassador for Renault, which along with Spark has built the Renault-Spark SRT_01 electric race car that the e.dams and other teams will use. Prost, a controversial figure in the Formula 1 world developed an epic rivalry with Aryton Senna, a Brazilian driver who was the the subject of a recent documentary.

Prost joins the likes of Mario Andretti, Lord Drayson, and Jay Penske in backing teams for this new take on Formula motorsports. The Formula E series will see drivers swap cars mid-race in hour-long competitions set in the heart of 10 major cities all over the world, from Bangkok to Berlin.

We’re halfway there, and the first Formula E race is still a year away. What other big names might join this superstar crew?

 Source: Motor Authority

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