Poll Shows 80% of Americans Support E15 and Ethanol Availability

e15 ethanol gas pump

According to pro-ethanol group Fuels America, more than 1000 consecutive days of average fuel prices well over $3/gallon have taken their toll on Americans’ budgets and opinions – resulting in more than 80% of those polled saying they would support having E15 (a fuel blend that is, at most, 15% ethanol) available at their local gas stations.

In addition to high fuels prices, it appears that a number of previous “undecideds” have fallen on the side of freedom – that is, the freedom to choose which fuel they’d like to pump into their cars once they get to the gas station. That they also seem to have fallen on the side of more stable food costs, cleaner air, and lower, more stable fuel costs is probably giving guys like Gulf Oil’s sweaty CEO and that Saudi Prince d-bag fits, as well.

“The overwhelming majority of Americans understand that having options when you fill up at the gas station is a good thing,” Growth Energy CEO and ethanol advocate Tom Buis said recently, in a statement to Farm Futures regarding the poll results. “(Americans) have spoken loud and clear that they want access to clean, homegrown renewable fuel.”

Here’s a few other points from the survey, with results that may surprise you. If you’re a psycho.

  • 82% of those polled said wanted access to E15 at their local gas pump (as above).

  • 76% of those polled said wanted access to even higher ethanol fuel blends, such as E20 or E30 (20 or 30 percent ethanol).

  • 79% of those polled believe that the oil industry’s efforts to block the availability of E15 is bad for consumers.


    Sources | Photos: Farm Futures, Fuels America.

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