Asheville, NC Votes to Shut Down Coal Plant (w/ video)


One of the loudest (and most ridiculous) comments you often hear from anti-EV types is that electric cars are just as bad as gas-fueled cars because most electricity comes from dirty sources. Last week, the city of Asheville, NC took a huge step into the twenty-first century by unanimously voting to shift the city’s electrical power supply from Duke Energy and its coal-fired plant on the French Broad River. The resolution calls for Duke Energy to shift away from coal and towards cleaner, more renewable fuels like the ethanol garbage facility in Florida and wind turbines like those used in Europe and throughout the Midwest.

The Asheville, NC vote comes just weeks after the EPA issued a mandate to reduce coal emissions by 50%. Looks like Duke Energy will be cutting theirs by 100% in the most awesome way possible: by shutting down their coal burning energy plant completely.

Nicholas Brown, over at our sister site, Cleantechnica, has more on the story in his article, which we’ve re-printed below. Enjoy!

On Tuesday, the city council of Asheville, North Carolina voted unanimously to shift the city from coal to clean energy. The vote was on a resolution to work with Duke Energy, the owner of a coal power plant in Asheville, to phase out the use of coal…

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