New F1 Challenge Game Pack Hybrid Passing Power (w/ video)

F1 Racing Game for iPad

Thanks to software developers at Codemasters, you can now take on the world’s best drivers behind the wheel of the world’s fastest hybrids on your iPhones and iPads by downloading the just-released “F1 Challenge” app for iOS!

Formula 1 (F1) cars are technological marvels that direct every aspect of a car’s design, even the exhaust gasses and side mirrors, towards making the car go faster. Technological advancements like auto-leveling suspension, traction control, anti-lock brakes, and adaptive aerodynamics were all pioneered in Formula 1. So, too, was kinetic energy recovery. A system known in the commuter-car universe as “regenerative braking” … just like the kind in your Prius or Leaf.

The game focuses on the 2012 F1 season, which eventually went Sebastian Vettel driving the Red Bull Infiniti show, above- but it was an exciting season that went down to the final race, with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso coming Oh. So. Close. F1 Challenge’s makers promise that their game, designed for “racing on the go” rather than a long-term campaign, will allow fans to use the same adaptive aerodynamics and “push-to-pass” power boost form the hybrid drivetrain that made 2012 a season to remember.

You can check out the iPad version’s graphics and gameplay, here …

… and see a few stills from the F1 Challenge game showing how players- sorry, how drivers can set up their car’s chassis, wing angles, and more to “dial in” the car for their preferences on a given track. Standard stuff for serious racing gamers familiar with Forza and GranTurismo, but great fun in this context, as well.

If you have the F1 Challenge game on your iDevice, let us know what you think about in the comments at the bottom of the article. As for me, I’ll be too busy playing!


Source | Photos: Formula 1, via Apple.

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