Uniqueco Announces Vaporware Plastic Jeep Clone

Uniqueco Plastic Jeep

German automotive supplier Uniqueco claims that its two 4×4 concepts, shown here in CAD model form, is more than a plastic Jeep clone that will never, ever reach production – they think the small, simple SUV is the future of the automobile.

It’s not.

Before we get too far with this article, I want to make absolutely clear that I hope Uniqueco is right. I’d love to live in a future where a simple, rugged chassis is mated to a relatively simple body made of recycled plastics to deliver an easy, reliable driving experience in a package that could, with a little maintenance, probably run for damned near ever. I’d love to live in a world where people drive G-Wagens because they want a car that will give them a million miles of dependable service, and not because Paris Hilton or Jay-Z or whoever else is awful and ridiculous this week drives one … and a quick look around my tiny, but beloved city of Oak Park is telling me that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

So, as a concept or as a vision of what the future could and should be? I’m all about the eFROOG, below, and the larger, orange Kitesh at the top of this article. I even like the names.

As a thing that will happen? We have pseudo-intellectual ninnies like that PopSci kid calling himself an “average millennial” spewing nonsense on the one hand and guys like Bill Ford on the other, rapidly doing everything they can to turn their cars into rolling smartphones because they think the kids these days want rolling smartphones made from milled aluminum and slathered in a matte white finish. Which leaves this rugged, fun, innovative little plastic Jeep clones where, exactly?

Nowhere, that’s where.

This thing’s only hope is emerging markets, I fear- and Tata’s inability to sell Nanos in those markets doesn’t bode any better for my little buddies from Uniqueco than it did for Jaguar’s on-again, off-again supercar program. They’re my friends, now. It’s too bad they’re destined to stay imaginary.


Source | Photos: Uniqueco, via Gizmag.

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