Former Apple VP Joins Tesla To Help Develop Vehicles

tesla-model-s-appleElon Musk has taken several pages out of the Apple playbook, like selling his electric cars directly to the public rather than through established dealers. Tesla is tapping directly into Apple’s talent pool with its latest acquisition, hiring on former Apple vice president of Mac engineering Doug Field, who will help Tesla develop “insanely great” cars.

Field, who joined Apple in 2008, helped spearhead development of the Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and iMac, several cutting-edge computers from one of the biggest tech brands in the world. Adding Field to its portfolio gives Tesla some insight into the development methodology of a company that has come to dominate the tech sphere in the last ten years.

With word that Tesla is also joining forces with AT&T to provide in-car Internet (another nod to Apple, which released its iPhone exclusively on AT&T), it seems as though Tesla is intent on making a much-more connected car for tomorrow’s roads. Field will almost certainly be put to work on the $35,000 Tesla Model E that is set to debut sometime in 2016 or 2017.

So if the third-generation Tesla car feels a lot like an Apple product, we’ll know why.

Source: Tesla Motors

Christopher DeMorro

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