Mazda3 Hybrid And CNG Versions Make Tokyo Debut

2014-mazda3Unlike most other automakers, Mazda as so far resisted the allure of hybrid and electric cars, focusing instead on its fuel-efficient SkyActiv gas and diesel engines. But executives at the small Japanese automaker have finally caved, and at this year’s Tokyo Auto Show a Mazda3 Hybrid will join a CNG-powered version in a joint world debut.

For now, Mazda is keeping the most-important details, like fuel economy and pricing, under wraps. With the standard 2014 Mazda3 rated up to 41 mpg on the highway though, expectations are running high that a true hybrid model should exceed 45 mpg or more.

The Mazda3 CNG also lacks any pertinent details other than it is a bi-fuel car that can utilize both gasoline and compressed natural gas. Whether or not either model will make it stateside remains to be seen, though Mazda will have to do something if it hopes to remain competitive with a market that is utterly focused on fuel economy.

 Source: Mazda

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