Video: Tesla Model S Tuned For Autobahn Is Coming

tesla-model-s-autobahnElon Musk has made customer service a top priority for Tesla Motors, and ownership in this exclusive includes many perks. Model S owners have access to free loaner cars, a free Supercharging network, and vehicle monitoring. The latest perk is aimed especially at speed enthusiasts, with Musk revealing a free, high-speed driving for current and future Model S owners.

In the video below, Musk says he was driving the Tesla Model S, which recently went on sale in Europe, on one of the unlimited speed sections of the Autobahn, Germany’s national highway system. By design, the Tesla Model S Performance is limited to a top speed of only 130 mph, which even a Toyota Camry can reach with ease.

So Musk’s free tuning upgrade, which he announced at a conference in Munich, Germany, will likely consist of raising the speed limiter to perhaps as high as 150 mph, as well as adjusting the calibration of the suspension and engine software. Since the upgrade is free, I doubt it will include improvements like higher-rated tires, and Musk might want to get his network of Superchargers in place before promising such upgrades.

At high speeds, the Tesla Model S uses exponentially more energy, and the battery won’t last very long if you drive it flat out. That could prove to be challenging given the high-speed nature of the Autobahn, but I’m sure Tesla engineers are up to the challenge.

 Source: Motor Authority

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