Recycled Hawtness: 10 Year Old Builds Custom Cafe Racer (w/ video)

Zeke 10 Year Old Bike Prodigy

Meet Zeke. Zeke is awesome. Zeke is a 10 year-old kid who built himself a custom cafe racer out of a boneyard Honda CB200 with little more than a stack of manuals, access to hand tools, and a little instruction from his dad.

“The problem with kids today,” the story goes, “is that they have their faces buried in smartphones and video games and don’t know how to do anything with their hands.” That may be true, in some cases. If you believe guys like professional odd-ball Frank “Rinspeed” Rinderknecht and PopSci’s wussy/professional attention-whore/traitor to all that is good and Holy, Dave “Look at me! I’m a millenial!” Mosher, that’s the future. Here at Gas 2, though, we hold out hope for bigger, better, and brighter minds than those two nitwits – minds like the 3 pounds of cafe racer building goo floating around in Zeke’s skull.

Because Zeke, as I explained, is awesome.

Cafe Racer TV caught up with Zeke and his dad at the Barber Vintage Festival a few weeks ago, and he told them about the build, his plans with the bike, and – of course! – how it’ll hit 75 mph in 3rd gear. Because he’s 10. Also: awesome.

You can check out Zeke’s interview, here …

… and get a sense of the quality of Zeke’s 10 year-old handiwork in some of the photos of Zeke’s cut-down Honda CB200 cafe bike, below, taken from screen captures during the Cafe Racer TV video, above. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: CafeRacerTV.

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