GM Considering Diesel Engines For Buick Lineup

buick-veranoThe decision to keep Buick alive during the 2009 restructuring of General Motors baffled many, but so far seems to be justified by increased sales and interest from customers. To keep the momentum going, GM is reportedly considering the addition of diesel engines to its lineup, in an effort to make Buick ever more European.

It’s an interesting move for GM, which will launch its first American diesel sedan in a long time next year with the Chevy Cruze Diesel. The Buick Verano, the upscale version of the Cruze, is likely to be the first model to get a diesel engine, though it doesn’t sound like it will be the last.

Buick is basically GM’s dumping ground for European designs under the Opel brand, fueling speculation that the Opel Adam could come stateside as a Buick. It would also mean giving Buicks more diesel engine options, which might better appeal to Buick’s more affluent customer base, and there’s the possibility of a LPG option down the road.

GM is also seeking to offer its surprise hit, the crossover Buick Encore, with a more-powerful engine that could also be a turbodiesel. With fuel economy remaining a top priority for car buyers, offering more diesel engines in the Buick brand could bring in buyers who might not otherwise consider buying a Buick.

Give me a turbodiesel Buick Regal with more than 350 ft-lbs of torque, and we can start talking.

 Source: Edmunds

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