Killed: the Aston Martin Cygnet is No More

Aston Martin Cygnet Killed

First announced way back in 2009, Aston Martin’s tiny Cygnet city-car was to be the ideal “daily driver” for Aston’s GT-driving customers. Based on the Toyota Scion iQ microcar, the Cygnet offered commuters easy parking and good MPG in a super-luxurious package trimmed with the finest woods, leathers, and more. The fact that the Cygnet was also an Ultra-low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV) didn’t hurt it any in Europe, either, where many city centers tax vehicles on emissions.

Most people didn’t really know what to make of the Cygnet, since “compact” and “luxury” usually only make sense to people who’ve owned a couple of Lancias. Seeing as I have, I loved it. I loved the Aston Martin Cygnet when it was painted in the legendary Gulf racing colors. I loved it (almost ironically) when it was slathered in gold.

Heck, I even loved the Cygnet when it was “just” a Scion iQ (even if I did think it could use more fine woods and leathers). Oh, well – the littlest Aston is no more. Here’s hoping it transmogrifies into a littlest Lexus or something down the road.


Source: Green Car Reports.

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