Lampociclo is the New-age Electric Whizzer You've Been Waiting For

Lampociclo Electric Bicycle

If you live in a big city and spend half your time driving dodging suicidal hipsters on rented Divvys, then you already know what I’m about to say: bicycles are taking over. That, in a great many ways and for a great many reasons, is a good thing. What’s missing, perhaps, from the American bicycling scene is a bit of old-world style … and, possibly, an “I don’t want to pedal” option for fat guys (like me!). The makers of the Lampociclo electric bicycle, shown here, think they have just the thing.

The Lampociclo is hand-built in Verona, Italy, and styled after the old Werner Motocyclettes and Whizzer gas-engined bikes from the early part of the 20th century, and that “retro influence” comes through in components like the available leather “springer” bike saddle, the oversized headlight (which, in a nod to modernity, is an LED), and the old-school handlebars. The electric motor is housed in the “tank” between the frame bars, and puts power to the rear wheel through a 3 or 7-speed gearbox. You can get a sense of some of the Lampociclo’s features, below …

Lampociclo Features

… and check out more detailed feature and color photos at the bottom of this post. Before you get to that, though, keep in mind that the “old look” bike hits some pretty modern performance figures. With the Lampociclo’s standard, 250-watt motor and 3-speed transmission, the electric bike can hit 15 mph and packs enough battery power to take you more than 40 miles from home. The company also offers 300 and 500 watt motors that are good for 30+ mph.


Source | Photos: Lampociclo, via Gizmag.

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