Fake Manholes Bring Wireless EV Charging In New York City

HEVO_Power_StationThere is a great debate raging right now in regards to electric vehicle recharging infrastructure, but it all might be a moot point. Advances in wireless charging technology mean hidden chargers could be disguised as almost anything. In New York City, Hevo Power is planning to deliver wireless EV charging via fake manhole covers.

Unlike many inductive charging systems, Hevo Power opted to use a resonance charging system, and will deploy two retrofitted Smart ForTwo EVs for use by New York University in early 2014. Resonance charging uses two capacitor-connected coils, one on the EV and one in the charger itself, which allows for less energy loss and faster charging times than traditional inductive charging systems.

Classified as a Level 2 charger, Hevo’s resonance charging system is currently focusing on smaller, neighborhood electric vehicles with tiny battery packs. The cleverness of designing chargers as manhole covers is just the tip of the iceberg, I think, as wireless charging could one day eliminate the need to ever refuel. It will all just be done automatically wherever you park.

Hopefully this won’t be the last we hear of Hevo Power.

 Source: Wired

Christopher DeMorro

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