Argo 8×8 XTI Teaches You to Love Nature by Being in Nature

Argo 8x8

This is the new Argo 8×8 XTI Utility Task Vehicle (UTV). If the brave marketers at Argo had any stones, however, UTV would stand for “Universal Terrain Vehicle”, because I’m pretty sure you could drop one of these on just about any planet and take it damned near everywhere.

If you couldn’t tell: I like it.

See, I’ve always believed that the best way to learn to appreciate nature is to get out and actually see it. I didn’t really give a damn about deforestation until I visited the redwood forests of California, and I didn’t really get the appeal of crystal clear water until I’d spent time camping by a slow-moving stream. I never thought spending millions on national parks seemed particularly brilliant, either, until I went to Yosemite. Maybe that’s shallow and short-sighted, but it’s true.

Now, as an adult with kids who – I hope! – will come to appreciate and care for the world we’ve got, I think getting them out to see that world is a great start. With an Argo? I’ll be able to take them places and show them things I’d never be able to in a minivan, you know?

You know.

As for the Argo, this latest 8×8 XTI can be had seriously heavy-duty “tank treads” over the all-terrain tires, making it capable of traversing ice, snow, mud, rocks, zombies- pretty much “whatever”. The XTI’s main chassis is comprised of a sealed, vacuum-formed polyethylene lower body and 2-inch tubular upper frame built onto a 3-inch tubular steel chassis.

The lower body is fully sealed, also, making the 1500 lb. UTV almost fully amphibious, and able to cross most of the water hazards you’ll encounter in a typical forest adventure run. Factor in a 17 mph top speed on land and a 3 mph top speed on water, and you’ve got a go-anywhere power toy that will take you places you didn’t even know existed.

Post pics.


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