Recycled Hawtness: Buses Converted Into Mobile Showers For Homeless

lava-maeThere are literally thousands of homeless people who call San Francisco home, but there are just 16 public shower stalls shared between them. A new project aims to solve two problems with one solution, turning old Municipal buses into mobile showers for the city’s most vulnerable residents.

San Francisco is a beautiful city with a serious homelessness problem, to the point where many bus and park benches are explicitly designed to keep people from sleeping on them. Every two years the city tries to count the number of homeless denizens, with the last count nearing 6,500 people, though city officials admit that there are many more people without a permanent address than that.

After seeing a young homeless woman crying, saying how she’ll never be clean, Doniece Sandoval decided to take action and start a project to bring showers to the homeless. Doniece convinced the city to donate one of its out-of-commission buses to the project, with 3 more potentially in the pipeline should the first one turn out to be successful.

The project will cost approximately $318,000 to pay for retrofitting and operating the bus for a year, and gives second life to city property that otherwise would have been auctioned off cheap or sat idle in a back lot. Called “Lava Mae”, the first shower-buses will hit the streets in March, delivering a little bit of dignity back into the lives of the least fortunate, one shower at a time.

 Source: San Francisco Gat

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