Next-Gen MINI Could Spawn Plug-In Hybrid

mini-eBMW’s revival of the MINI brand has been a huge success, and it has allowed Bimmer to go without a major makeover of the MINI Cooper for a quite awhile. But that all changes with the next-gen MINI, due to debut very soon, which will not only feature an innovative line of three and four-cylinder engines, but could spawn a plug-in hybrid variant as well.

BMW’s chief of MINI, Peter Schwarzaebauer, told Automotive News that the next-gen MINI will produce around ten different variants. There is already talk of a diesel model, which may or may not come to America, as well as a pure electric MINI following in the footsteps of the MINI-E.

But most exciting is the certainty that a plug-in hybrid MINI model is definitely in the works, though no specifics were revealed. The MINI brand definitely lends itself to greener technologies, and plug-in hybrids are gaining steam with both consumers and automakers. The next-gen MINI will ride on BMW’s new ULK platform, the front front-drive BMW platform in, well, ever.

With the new MINI leading the way though, front-drive BMW’s might have more performance than many of us had previously hoped, and a plug-in hybrid MINI could wicked fun. What are you hoping for from a MINI hybrid?

Source: Automotive News

Christopher DeMorro

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