Study: Most Drivers Expect All Cars To Be Electric Or Hybrid In 20 Years

hankook-airless-tireAnytime someone does a study regarding the future, it’s always worth taking American opinions with a grain of salt. Still, there seems to be a definite, positive shift towards hybrid and electric cars, and while green cars still represent a small slice of total sales, it’s not hard to imagine a future where all new cars are either hybrids or EVS. Amazingly, more than half of Americans agree with this scenario.

Or at the very least, 56% of the 998 people Hankook tires interviewed for their annual Fall Gauge Index study, which asks people to answer a series of questions regarding the auto industry. While Hankook also slipped in something about their innovative airless tires, the fact that more than half of Americans see a future where hybrid or electric cars dominate the market is quite telling.

It means we see a future where gas prices keep climbing, and electric car prices keep falling. It seems as though the push towards natural gas may all be for naught as EVs and hybrids continue to dominate sales charts. While I for one don’t see combustion engine-only cars completely disappearing, they will become premium, highly-taxed products that require heavy taxes to operate.

Americans also have high hopes for car-to-car communications and autonomous vehicles, and 75% of respondents believe airless tires will be equipped on new cars by 2033. What are your hopes and expectations for the future of the automobile?

Source: Hankook

Christopher DeMorro

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