EV Owner Loyalty Among the Highest in the Auto Industry

Tesla Roadster

EVs are still a relatively new animal in the automotive industry. Keys to their success involve pricing, marketing, reliability, and – perhaps, most importantly – owner loyalty. How likely a person is to trade in their 3 or 4 year-old Hyundai Sonata for a new Hyundai Sonata is a key indicator of how well a brand is doing, and for how it’s perceived by the market. How will EV owners approach that trade-in question when their EVs start to feel a little tired? According to a recent study, as many as 80% could replace their current car with another new EV.

350 drivers were given EVs as part of this study, which began in 2008, in a bid to understand people’s perceptions about EVs and the nation’s fledgling EV infrastructure. Over the course of the trial, more than 1.5 million miles were driven, and more than 50,000 recharge cycles were recorded. Throughout the study, the average of miles driven daily was just 21.4, with few participants suffering from “range anxiety” once they got the cars in real-world conditions.

As the infrastructure surrounding EVs grows across the country and electric car charging stations get standardized, electric car owner loyalty would be expected (obviously?) to grow along with it. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see strong owner loyalty push the rapid growth of plug-in cars to continue to out-pace the market in general.


Sources | Photos: Business Green.

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