Recycled Hawtness: German Hostel Uses Restored Campers

base-camp-3One of my life goals is to buy and restore a classic tiny trailer to tow behind a classic car as I explore every nook and cranny of America and Europe. When I finally get around to backpacking trip across Europe,  I will indulge in a little indoor tiny trailer camping at this funky hostel located in Bonn Germany, where the rooms are restored classic trailers.

Called the “Base Camp” hostel, rates range from $32 to $100 per night and make clever use of a converted warehouse to park a variety of classic motorhomes and campers to use as hostel rooms. Most of the campers, or caravans as they are commonly called in the Old World, seem to be European classics, though I spotted a couple of vintage Airstream models in the mix.

Looking to go back to your hippie roots? You can also choose to camp out in a classic Volkswagen Westfalia, popular with those following the Free Love philosophy of life. The hostel has bedding enough for 120 people spread across 15 campers, two night sleepers (train cars), and the two Airstreams. Bathrooms are shared, though each camper has a cozy little “site” of its own for hanging out.

Instead of spending the time and resources on building a new hotel, or converting an existing building, this brilliant use of available resources is the kind of cool, funky idea that draws worldwide attention and applause. Is there an American version of this?

Source: Treehugger | Base Camp

Christopher DeMorro

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