Owner Of Burned Tesla Model S Will Buy Another

tesla-fireLast week the car-blogging world was all aflutter over news that a Tesla Model S caught fire after it collided with a still-unspecified piece of road debris that punched a 3-inch hole in the electric car’s battery. The owner of the crispy Tesla has come forward to say that he was impressed enough with the car’s performance under fire to buy another one.

Rob Carlson’s Tesla Model S became the center of attention after it struck a large piece of metal debris in a HOV lane in Seattle last Tuesday. The car initially lost power, and then told Carlson to pull his car over. Carlson was able to exit the Tesla without issue, as the armor-plated battery contained the blaze to one of the 16 battery modules, giving the owner plenty of time to escape the electric blaze.

In an email to Tesla’s vice president of sales and service Jerome Gilligan, Carlson said that he is “still a big fan of your car and look forward to getting back into one.” Carlson is also a Tesla investor, and he seems plenty happy with the performance of his electric car, unlike investors and owners of the Fisker Karma, which saw its stock go up in smoke when unexplained fires shook consumer confidence.

That’s not to say Tesla’s stock hasn’t taken a hit, though it seems to have recovered nicely today, and the 24 hour news cycle seems to have already moved on. With Tesla’s government loans paid in full, and the old right-wing talking point bashing electric cars seems to be losing it’s pull with the populace.

People really seem to be “warming up” to the Tesla Model S, and I swear that’s my last fire pun for this post.

Source: Green Car Reports

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