2015 Nissan R36 GT-R Hybrid Gets Rendered

R36 GTR Hybrid

Nissan’s 2008 GTR – called the “R35” by those in the know – has been an absolute giant in the automotive scene since its introduction. In stock trim, the car is a world-beater, regularly allowing less-accomplished drivers to beat up on better drivers with machinery from Ferrari and Porsche that costs twice as much as the Nissan, despite its digital superiority. In the hands of a skilled tuner with a barrel of clear corn-juice, the GTR’s VR38 engine block has made more than 2000 horsepower and enough torque to do that “Superman: the Movie” spin-the-Earth-backwards time-travel deal. Understandably, then, there’s been a ton of speculation surrounding the car’s successor – the 2015 Nissan R36 GT-R.

Will the new Nissan R36 GT-R be a hybrid? Will it used a Renault motorsports-derived V6? Will it take advantage of Formula 1-style KERS? Perhaps the one thing we haven’t covered in detail here at Gas 2, however, is one of the elements of the R36 most critical to its commercial success: its appearance!

The Nissan R36 artwork shown here, commissioned by the guys at Topspeed.com, combines a number of industry-insider rumors about the car staying roughly the same size and using a number of carry-over chassis components with some BMW i8 styling cues thrown in with a heavy dose of Nissan’s own current design language. You can check it out in some of my favorite images, below, and head on over to Topspeed.com to see more. Enjoy!


2015 Nissan R36 GT-R

R36 GT-R Drawings

2015 Nissan R36 GT-R

2015 Nissan R36 GT-R

Source | More photos: Topspeed.com

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