Prince Of Monaco Helps Unveil Venturi VBB-3 Electric Streamliner

venturi-1Ten years ago almost nobody cared about electric car speed records. But these days it’s all the rage among the racing elite. Even Prince Albert, crown ruler of the principality of Monaco is getting in on the action, helping Venturi and Ohio State University unveil the VBB-3, a 3,000 horsepower electric streamliner aiming for the EV land speed record.

Venturi and OSU have collaborated in the past on the Buckeye Bullet, a 300+ MPH electric streamliner which is the “BB” in “VBB”. Venturi and OSU claim they have built the fastest electric vehicle ever, and were set to put it into action at the annual Speed Week event. Unfortunately, the catastrophic flooding that hit Colorado also washed out Speed Week, and the VBB-3 remains untested.


The Venturi/OSU team currently holds the world record for the fastest electric vehicle, topping speeds of 495 kph, or about 307 mph in the flying mile. The team has even higher ambitions though, seeking to exceed 600 kph, or 372 mph, which would rival that speeds of many combustion-engine streamliners. Could an electric vehicle one day hold the overall land speed record for any vehicle?

It may take many more years to find out, especially if the weather doesn’t cooperate. The massive rain storm also washed out Britain’s Lord Drayson from making an attempt to set a new electric race car speed record, having already exceeded 200 mph earlier this year. With all these European royals getting behind electric race cars, it’s seems like only a matter of time before the masses become just as enamored with zero emissions racing.

Source: Venturi

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