VW's 260 MPG XL1 Supercar Gets More Super With Help from Ducati

VW XL1 Sport Racecar

Volkswagen’s 260 MPG XL1 supercar is a marvel of low weight and aerodynamic design – and the XL1 has always struck us as a new breed of supercar that used all the high-tech materials and design concepts that made Porsches, Lamborghinis and Bugattis special, and applied them to a “go far”, rather than a “go fast” product. Still, we did talk amongst ourselves. “What if it had more power?” we asked each other. It looks like Volkswagen’s CEO, Ferdinand Piech, asked himself the same thing. The result is a Volkswagen XL1 powered by a quick-revving, high-horsepower Ducati motorcycle engine.

Oh, yeah!

Despite VW’s history of building affordable cars, Piech is no stranger to building exotic machinery. The Volkswagen company was started by Piech’s grandfather, Ferdinand Porsche, and now manufactures the Audi, Porsche, Lambirghini, Bentley, and Bugatti brand vehicles, as well as the affordable Rabbit hatchback. Recently, the company acquired the storied motorcycle brand, Ducati, which builds bikes like the Panigale. If you’re unfamiliar with that bike, it looks like this …

Ducati 1199 Panigale

… and, if you’re anything but an expert rider, the Panigale will absolutely rip your tits off impress you with its combination of prodigious torque and knife-edge steering.

With 190 HP and a screaming, 12,000 rpm redline, the upcoming XL1 Sports will be the best new car of 2014. Green or not. And make no mistake, the car is real. It was promised by Piech, personally, at a lecture at the Vienna University of Technology this week – only a decade or so after he promised to produce a 1,000 hp, 250 mph Bug.

Believe him.


Source | Photos: Bild magazine.

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