Indycar Builder Dallara Planning Green Luxury RV

dallara-f308-1Many automotive technologies that we take for granted today got their start as either secret military weapons or as a component of competitive motorsports. Indycar chassis builder Dallara has been on the cutting edge of racing technology for decades, and the company has announced that it will apply that knowledge to a green luxury RV. Wait, what?

Yup, Dallara, the same company that helped develop an all-electric race car for the Formula E series, is going to build a green luxury motorhome with partner Global Caravan Technologies. The market for green luxury RVs seems to be on the uptick, with a similar concept displayed by Caravisio just a few weeks ago. Called the CR-1 Carbon, it will use a carbon fiber monocoque chassis inspired by race cars that is lightweight, strong, and very expensive.

The interior of the CR-1 Carbon will feature large, luxurious spaces, and a multitude of models ranging from small travel campers to massive fifth-wheel units will range in price from $160,000 to $500,000. What other green features will be incorporated, the press release doesn’t say, though the lightweight design is said to improve fuel economy by 100%. The campers will also include an optional off-the-grid power systems, as well as a wireless control system for many of the amenities that allows for remote camping without sacrificing comfort. The luxury caravan will be especially aimed at the Chinese market, where sales are expected to rival, and eventual surpass America.

The Dallara/GCT-built campers will make their debut this December at the Performance Racing Industry show in Florida, and you can follow along for more info at GCT’s website.

 Source: Autoblog Green

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