CRP's Energica Ego Is The Italian You've Been Dreaming Of

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I am vehemently opposed to writing “Hey, look what I found on the internet!” articles, but this is too important to not mention. RideApart’s Wes Siler was the only journalist invited to Italy to take CRP’s newest electric bike, the Energica for a spin. I wanted to make sure Gas2 readers could read his detailed ride report, available here. You may recall us giving you a peek into CRP’s factory back in 2010 where I toured the facility, but was not allowed to ride their TTXGP bike.

You can read all about the Energica Ego at RideApart, but I felt this FAQ from Energica’s website was worth sharing here. It’s a gorgeous bike, but still not quite a match for Mission’s latest offerings. The Ego comes in a close second, and I certainly hope to see both companies succeed in this nascent market. Focusing on the luxury superbike customer is definitely the right place to begin, as these are the riders who are more interested in pure performance and riding experience than silly antiques that make noises that make ladies turn their heads in shock and disgust.

Although my Zero FX has a much smaller motor, and is therefore quieter than the energica, it does come with a horn and a headlight, both of which have proven tremendously useful in Los Angeles traffic. As for the clutch, I actually hate having to bother with all that when I get back on my Yamaha R1. I can’t get nearly as good a launch having to get the clutch release just right as I can just pinning that throttle WFO at every green light. And who wouldn’t want that from a motorcycle?

Even the Brammo Empulse, which has 6 speeds for the people who think they can’t live without them, can launch sans clutch. Like those crazy fixie foos say, if it ain’t fixed, it’s broken.

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