Ukrainian Man Builds DIY Electric Car (w/ video)

DIY Electric Car

Eastern Europe is a wild place, full of 1000 hp streetcars drag racing on YouTube and guys in flip-flops laughing off meteor strikes with alarming calm. Out there, in the streets of Ukraine, Zachary Shahan ran into a 75 year old (retired) engineer who built himself a sporty-looking DIY electric car that features an aircraft-style, riveted aluminum “fuselage”. A technology, by the way, that he claimed to have invented back when the Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union.

Wasn’t there a Star Trek joke about everything being a Russian invention?

Whether or not the guy is who/what he says he is, the car is pretty interesting. As such, Zachary and his lovely translator gave the DIY electric car-maker a few minutes of interview time, and even got a quick test ride in the car. You can check it out in the videos, below, which originally appeared on Gas 2’s sister site, Cleantechnica. Enjoy!


Handmade EV & Converted EV In Kiev, Ukraine (CT Exclusive) (via Clean Technica)

Aside from the Bio Auto electric car I wrote about the other day, I also got to check out a couple of interesting DIY electric vehicles while I was in Kiev, Ukraine*. Video and pictures of these EVs are below. This first EV is certainly something special…

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