Polaris, Currie, and Pedego Talk 2014 Electric Bicycles | Interbike 2013

Brandon and Harlan talking shop

As you read here, there were over 50 different vendors of electric bicycles at Interbike this year. Here are some  interviews I conducted with a few of the leaders in the electric bicycle industry. We hear from Polaris, Haibike (Currie), and Pedego…

Brandon Kaplan at Polaris tells us what’s new for 2014. You may recall they first debuted their line at Interbike last year, covered here.



Larry Pizzi, President of Currie Technologies tells us about the mid-drive Haibike electric mountain bike that’s taken Germany by storm. In a morning seminar, LEVA Chairman and Founder Ed Benjamin told us that Germany has eclipsed the Netherlands in bicycle sales, due to the spike in sales of electric mountain bikes.


You can have it in any color. As long as it’s black.

Pedego CEO Don DiCostanzo tells us why Ford is getting into the bicycle business. You may recall our report from Further With Ford, here, where I suggested they get into bikes. Apparently after they’d already begun talks with Pedego…

Susanna Schick

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