Switzer Builds 2000 hp Ethanol-fueled Nissan GTR (w/ video)

Switzer Blue Beast GTR

Switzer Performance has carved out a few special little performance niches for itself in recent years – most notably in alternative fuels tuning and for “advancing the state of the art” when it comes to electronic engine management systems. This latest car, which started life as a 485 hp R35 Nissan GTR, combines both disciplines, resulting in a 2000 hp ethanol fueled monster.

You read that right. That two-thousand horsepower (some 600 more hp than the car Switzer broke the 1/4 mile record with back in June) comes courtesy of a Switzer Performance-built twin-turbocharged 3.8L Nissan VR38 engine running factory bore x stroke dimensions and a stock crankshaft, which is force-fed air by two massive turbochargers. Fuel delivery, timing, and more are handled by a joint Switzer-Syvecs SGTR ECU and fuel system, which allows for true flex-fuel running between 91 octane “premium” E10 gasoline and E98 (98% ethanol).

Switzer calls this car “the Beast” …

Marvel Beast

… but when the concept behind the Beast was first teased back in April, in an “April Fools’ Day” press release, it was called “Papa Smurf”. “We’d been talking about what was really possible with the GTR platform using the stock bore and stroke dimensions of the VR38,” explains Tym Switzer, head of the Oberlin, Ohio-based company. “We had a good client with a history of pushing the envelope, who understood what that meant in terms of timetables and R&D, and he wanted the best. He also had a history with blue cars. Once we started to see where the horsepower was going, ‘the Beast’ started to seem like a much more appropriate name.”

Switzer’s 2000 hp Nissan GTR (shown, above, superimposed onto the Bonneville salt flats) is currently in the final stages of dyno tuning, with “real world” road and track tuning, as well as the dialing-in of launch-control and shift strategies, set to be wrapped up by the end of this month, with the end goal being to run the car at a number of 1/4 mile, half-mile, and standing-mile events next season. Expect more photos and videos from the car’s real-world runs as they happen – for now, you’ll have to settle for finding out what 2000 hp sounds like on a dyno, below. Enjoy!


Full disclosure: Switzer Performance was my 9-5 for several years, and I’ve known the Switzer boys even longer than that. They’re good friends, they stood at my wedding, and I’ve cried at them, on them, and because of them a number of times. That said, the stopwatch doesn’t lie. Good job, guys!

Source | Video: Switzer Performance, via GoPlay Media.

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