NASCAR Legend Richard Childress Endorses Ethanol

Richard Childress Racing Endorses Ethanol

Richard Childress is a legend in NASCAR. While those outside the sport may not know his name, however, they know the iconic no. 3 that Childress’ driver, Dale Earnhardt, drove to NASCAR’s premier championship in 1986. And 1987. And 1990, 1991, 1993, and 1994, for that matter. Perhaps more telling is the fact that the Childress/Earnhardt partnership was so effective, it has allowed Dale’s vastly less talented son, Dale Jr., to ride its laurels to a multi-million dollar career. With such a taste for winning and history of success, then, it should come as no surprise that Childress has come out in open support of ethanol.

I know, I know. American Ethanol is an official NASCAR sponsor and NASCAR has more than 4 million miles under its belt (tires?) running on a high-octane E15 – E30, in some cases! – blend of racing fuel. Still, American Ethanol isn’t a big RCR sponsor (they do, however, sponsor Kenny Wallace’s competing entry in the Nationwide series), so for the man himself to come down from his mountain to endorse ethanol blended race fuel?

I’d say there’s a fair chance that Childress is a believer. You can read Richard Childress’ full “endorsement” of the E15 racing fuel, which originally appeared in a Lima, Ohio newspaper, below. Enjoy!

My family and I have been involved in NASCAR for more than 40 years and we’ve seen the sport go through many changes and innovations. One of the things I am most proud of is our commitment to homegrown, renewable American Ethanol.

Since 2011, the entire sport, including my team of Richard Childress Racing, jumped headfirst into the largest sport sustainability initiative, which includes a commitment to fueling up with an environmentally-friendly fuel called Sunoco Green E15. This high-performance racing fuel contains 15 percent ethanol and has proven itself lap-after-lap on the track. Drivers have gone more than 4 million miles on this renewable fuel in practice, qualifying and racing laps without any problems. In fact, drivers are seeing an increase of horsepower by up to 10+ and see their race cars are performing better and more efficiently at every turn.

The best part about the American Ethanol initiative isn’t the extra horsepower, performance and durability (although we certainly do love it) – it’s that we, as a sport, can give back and improve our country on so many critical issues.

American Ethanol is giving back to our environment by helping clean our air and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s supporting nearly 400,000 U.S. jobs that can’t be outsourced. It’s contributing more than $40 billion to our gross domestic product annually; that’s key capital staying in our economy, helping drive further economic growth, job creation and investment. Not to mention it has helped establish the most robust farm economy in rural America in history.

American Ethanol is woven into every layer of our nation – our energy independence, our economy, our environment and our future. Much like NASCAR, American Ethanol is tied to communities all across the nation. None of this forward thinking and innovation would be feasible without the Renewable Fuel Standard, a critical piece of energy legislation that is helping bring our country forward to a cleaner, better future.

Next time you see a NASCAR race on TV or at the track, I hope you see a sport that is not only competitive and fun, but one that is giving back. It’s time for our friends, neighbors and local leaders to follow the precedence set by NASCAR, and step up to the plate to support American ethanol.


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