Recycled Hawtness: 2 Israeli Women Convert City Bus into Chic, DIY RV

Bus converted into RV

Converting an old bus into a DIY RV is not a new idea. Nor is restoring an old, run-down RV with modern electronics and chic, modern-touches a new idea. Sometimes, though, someone takes an idea that’s been “out there” for a while and takes it to a whole new level. That’s just what the two young Israeli women behind this modern, rolling apartment have done.

The women’s names are Tally Saul and Hagit Morevski, and they say they spent two days staring at the dilapidated bus without any idea of how to move their DIY RV project forward. For context, this is the dilapidated city bus the two intrepid ladies started out with.

Convert bus to RV

They claim to have found some inspiration in the pages of a women’s fashion magazine. Between you and me, then, it must have been a pretty fantastic magazine, because this is what the ladies eded up with …

Bus Converted into RV

Bus Converted into RV

Bus Converted into RV

Bus Converted into RV

Bus Converted into RV

… and, if I didn’t know better, It might be pretty easy to convince me that these were pictures of some up-and-coming designer’s studio apartment in New York or Chicago.

It shouldn’t be surprising that these particular women were able to get such stellar results, however, as both of them are extremely successful in their professional lives. Tally Saul is a former marketing executive, and Hagit Morevski is a successful CEO and partner at Go Glass. They’re both moms, too – which makes me feel a bit like a chronic under-achiever, when I think about it!

What do you think? Would something like this DIY RV, this kind of style be too “advanced” for American RV’ers, or is something like this just what that American RV industry needs to drag itself into the twenty-first century, or should they build that yacht thing, instead? Let us know in the comments section, below. If you can’t get enough of this thing, head on over to the original XNet article for a more complete photo-gallery.


Source | Photos: Lior Danzig, via XNet, Treehugger.

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