Official Bid Made For Fisker As Government Mulls Auction

fisker-karma-for-saleThe long, drawn-out death of Fisker has been carried out in slow motion the past few months as the automaker sought one last lifeline. So far though nobody has stepped up to save Fisker, and the vultures are circling. Germany’s Fritz Nol has put in a bid for Fisker, and government handlers are said to be considering an auction to try and recoup as much money as possible.

Alas, an auction might end up shortchanging the Department Of Energy on the $192 million Fisker still owes the Feds. AM General, infamous maker of the Hummer, recently bought CNG taxi maker VPG for $3 million, leaving the DOE out some $42 million out of the $50 million they loaned the company. Even so, the government is restarting the program, looking for new green companies to back.

So the bid from Germany’s Fritz Nol Group, which is rumored to be around just $25 million, may be the DOE’s best chance to recoup as much money as possible. Bob Lutz’s VL Automotive already put in a bid, and Henrik Fisker was rumored to be trying to buy his company back. But an auction could present a chance to snap Fisker up for cheap, and could draw the likes of China’s BAIC back into the mix.

But Fritz Nol may be Fisker’s best chance of staying the course. The German company plans small production runs of 2,700 or so Fisker Karmas per year, while trying to sort out plans for the next Fisker vehicles including the Atlantic. Incredibly Fritz Nol could even bring Karma production to America as originally intended, perhaps even at the originally-planned Delaware factory.

Wouldn’t that be something.

 Source: Green Car Reports

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