The Electric Scion iQ Lives! (in an electric car-sharing program)

Scion iQ Electric

The electric Scion iQ is – finally! – roaming the streets of Pleasanton, California. After a long wait and several false starts, 30 of the tiny electric Scions assigned to the Dash program will be positioned at 15 sites, with two vehicles available for pick-up/drop-off at each location.

Believe me on this one, I’m more excited than you are. See, back when I first encountered Scion’s iQ in the flesh at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show, I was instantly smitten. The car was small, cleverly packaged, inexpensive, well-built, got great mileage, had room for four, and had some seriously high-spec (for the price) suspension and chassis bits. The car promised frugal fun in a cube-shaped face that seemed, to my eyes, much less goofy than the Smart and much more sincere than the Mini. When Toyota announced an electric iQ, I decided I had to have one. When they cut the roof off of another and fitted it with a multi-thousand-watt sound system I sang David Gray songs to it.

I like the little Scion iQ, is what I’m saying – and, when Toyota announced that they’d never sell the electric iQ that I’d had my heart set on … well, I bought a bike.

You can read more about the electric Scion iQ car-sharing scheme in the article, below, originally posted to Cleantechnica. Enjoy!


30 Scion iQ Electric Vehicle Fleet For Car-sharing Program (via Clean Technica)

Electric vehicle and Scion enthusiasts in the Pleasanton, CA area may rejoice. Thirty electric Scion iQs have been provided by Toyota to City Car Share for the Dash program in Pleasanton. They will be positioned at 15 sites, with two vehicles at each…


Sources | Photos: Cleantechnica.

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