Recycled Holiness: 1989 Renault 4 is Your New Popemobile

Pope Francis 1989 Renault

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the greenest car you can buy is the one that’s already built – and it looks like his Holiness, Pope Francis, agrees. The car you see here is his new Popemobile, a 1989 Renault 4.

You’ve got to hand it to the man, Pope Francis seems to be embracing the notions of forgiveness and humility with more easy grace than any Pope has in- I dunno. Ever? Case in point: a few months ago, the CEO of DaimlerChrysler showed up at the Vatican with a shiny new bulletproof Popemobile based on a seriously expensive Mercedes-Benz SUV. Pope Francis asked or a bicycle, which I found hilarious on many levels (PR fail for Mercedes, Pope-cycle, etc.). For a car, the Pope said he would rather keep his old 2000 Ford Focus (again, PR fail for Mercedes).

It seems like the 14-year-old Focus was a bit too ostentatious as a Popemobile, still, and this 190,000-mile 1989 Renault is just the ticket. The second-hand Renault was a present from Reverand Renzo Zocca, a priest from Northern Italy, who used it to drive children to play groups. Zocca handed it over to Pope Francis at an informal event yesterday. “The security guard standing next to me was really worried,” he said, “because he knew that from now on he’ll be going around the Vatican in my car.”

The humble Renault, like the bicycle, is not the only thing this new Pope has done to upset the religious conservatives. Pope Francis also gone to great pains to reassure gay Christians, atheists, and other groups traditionally alienated by the Church that heaven is attainable if they follow their conscience, among other things. Here’s hoping people who have a problem with the Pope’s latest positive message choke on the Renault’s exhaust fumes as he putters by.


Source | Photos: Daily Mail.

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