Drayson Racing Teams with Qualcomm on Wireless Charging

Drayson Racing Wireless Charging

After setting fast times at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and gearing up for a land speed record run, you’d think the guys at Drayson Racing would spend the off-season relaxing and trying to get one of their Lola-chassied electric racers into the next Batman movie. You’d be wrong. The Drayson Racing team are serious competitors, and serious racers laugh at terms like “off season”, and they’re spending theirs teaming up with Qualcomm on that company’s new wireless charging system for electric cars.

Qualcomm’s wireless charging system is formally called the Quallcomm Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) system. According the company’s Halo project website, Qualcomm is “pioneering the development of WEVC technology as a way to bring Electric Vehicles (EV) to the mass market. Simplicity and Ease of Use are key features of Qualcomm Halo WEVC, which will help drive global EV adoption.” Teaming with Drayson racing seems like a great way to fast-track the technology to me.

See what I did there?

Drayson Racing’s involvement might also mean that we’ll get to see in-ground electric charging technology at races like LeMans, events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and a few others, with the technology eventually – hopefully! – making its way into Formula E races, allowing drivers to finish an entire race without range/charge issues or car/battery swaps. Once that happens, the concept will be proven, and it might be one more nail in the ICE’s coffin.


Sources | Photos: Qualcomm Halo, Cleantechnica.

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