Drive Electric Orlando Offers EVs to Florida's Tourists (w/ video)

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Short drive from the airport rental terminal to the hotel, a few quick drives to theme parks and area attractions, one or two brief escapes to romantic restaurants for the parents. Orlando theme park vacations are all about short drives here and there to get last minute sunblock, beach towels, and more. They’re perfect for electric cars, in other words, and Drive Electric Orlando has partnered with the area’s hotels, restaurants, parks, and shopping centers to offer Florida tourists a premium, gas-free rental car experience.

You can find out more about Drive Electric Orlando’s plans to put Mouseketeers behind the wheel of electric cars and change the face of Orlando’s car rental business in the article, below, which first appeared on Gas 2’s sister site, Cleantechnica. Enjoy!


Orlando’s Drive Electric Promises A Glorious EV Rental Experience (VIDEO) (via Clean Technica)

One of the most stressful things about renting a car with a conventional rental company is the need to return the car with at least as much gas in it as it had when you rented it. Failure to do so, in many cases, leads to fines and a ludicrously expensive…

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