Opel Ampera Price Slashed $10,000

opel-amperaAutomakers are chopping thousands of dollars off the price of electric vehicles here in America, bringing the price of these cars more in line with customer expectations, and sales have risen as a result. The Opel Ampera, the Chevy Volt’s European cousin, just got its own big price cut, chopping $10,000 off the MSRP, though it still outprices the Volt by a wide margin.

The Opel Ampera’s price cut brings it down from $60,000 U.S. to just over $50,000, or about 38,300 euros. While still quite expensive, with generous incentives from local European governments, the Opel Ampera might become a bit more competitive in the growing (though still tiny) market for EVs and plug-in hybrid.

Along with the Chevy Volt’s U.S. price cut of $5,000, GM’s electrified vehicle efforts are coming down in price, opening the market for more potential buyers. While Opel’s price cut only affects the German and U.K markets for now, GM hopes to eventually bring the Volt’s price down to $30,000 before incentives. Here in America EV and plug-in car sales are soaring, but Europe is different story entirely.

Though the Opel Ampera sold out before it ever went on sale, sales have been hampered by the European economica recessions, and last year just over 800 Amperas were registered in Germany. GM hopes this new price cut helps lift faltering sales, but it isn’t expected to have any short time effects on awful sales.

 Source: Opel

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