Video: Elon Musk Demonstrates New 3D Design Technology

3d-techIndustrialist Elon Musk has been compared to Ironman/Tony Stark for his on the technology of the future. While we best know Musk for his work with Tesla Motors and electric cars and teasing us with his hyperloop design, his other pet project is SpaceX, a private attempt to kickstart the space industry. One of the exciting technologies SpaceX engineers have pioneered is 3D design software, just like Tony Stark.

The technology uses existing CAD software combined with motion sensors and cameras, allowing for wireless gesturing to manipulate objects on the computer screen. The intent of this technology, beyond looking awesomely 21st century, is to allow engineers to focus on design in a more natural way, instead of manipulating 2D design tools.

At the next level of this technology is using the video game virutual reality technology, Oculus Rift, to put the design in virtual three-dimensions, allowing engineers to get up-close-and-personal with their products. While this technology is just emerging, it’s not too hard to imagine all the uses this kind of motion-sensing technology could have in a car like the Tesla Model S.

Forget self-driving cars; I want to drive my car without ever touching a steering wheel. Imagine that.

Source: SpaceX


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