Video: "The Beast" Electric Bamboo Mountain Bike First Of Its Kind

SONY DSCWhile bamboo floors, textiles, and laminates have gained increasing popularity among homeowners, it’s also carving a niche for itself in the biking community. Denmark-based E-Wheels just rolled out the world’s first bamboo-framed electric mountain bike, appropriately called “the Beast.”

Very light, extremely strong, and able to grow up to a meter a day, bamboo could end up being the all-natural material of the future. While the idea of using bamboo on vehicles is something explored by niche design groups and major automakers alike and even road bicycles, the E-Wheels Beast is the first application of bamboo on an electric mountain bike.

The Beast utilizes a Zambia-built ZamBikes bamboo mountain bike frame, and attaches a Falco eMotors 250W electric motor to big, thick 26-inch tires and a RockShox suspension. The Beast is assembled in Denmark by E-Wheels, and if bamboo is tough enough for the Scandinavians, it is tough enough for you. Not only is this bike gorgeous, lightweight, and strong, but the electric motor can help power up some serious hills and obstacles.

The Beast is as much a work of art as it is a mountain bike though, and the gorgeously-polished bamboo frame is held together with natural fibers and glue. Alas, this bike is only for sale in Europe right now; completed bikes cost 3999 euros, while DIY kits that can be shipped anywhere in Europe start at 3499 euros, or about $4,500.

Do. Want. Bring it to America!

This post was sponsored by E-Wheels.


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