Realtree Camo Bike is a Great Zero-emission Hunting Buddy

Realtree Camo Bike

The bike you see here is Realtree Cogburn’s first entry into the high-end mountain bike category, and it is really something! You can ooh-and-ah at the Realtree camo bike frame, the anodized matte finish on the hardware, or just ride it out into the forest and start shooting stuff with your compound bow – which is just as silent as the bike. You can find out more in this article, which originally appeared on my off-grid survival site, Insteading. Enjoy!


Cogburn CB4 Realtree Hunting Bike is a Silent but Deadly Survival Ride (via Insteading)

Whenever I watch post-apocalyptic sci-fi or zombie outbreak movies, I’m always shocked at how much noise everyone makes – especially when the characters are shown “hunting” for food. Here’s a bit of a newsflash for you: animals can hear your…

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