This BMX Rocker Minibike Your (inner) Child Wants


Quick, what’s the hottest trend in bicycles this year? I have no idea, either, but it definitely should be stunting on huge ramps with teeny, tiny tires. If you’re super awesome and that’s what you’re into, too, then the guys behind the BMX Rocker minibike have the tiny-tired stunt machine you’ve been waiting for.

The BMX Rocker may be tiny, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a kid’s bike. The sturdy steel frame and heavy-duty tires are more than up to the task of supporting a fully-grown adult male, and the pieces (from the handlebars, to the headset, to the full-size seat and pedals) are all top-notch. The 10″ wheels and fat pneumatic tires work in concert with those parts to deliver a great-looking piece that can actually function as a BMX bike – and if it looks familiar, that’s because the tiny tire trend is a thing: witness the BMX Rocker’s striking similarity to Honda’s new 125 cc Grom!

You can pick up your own BMW Rocker for between $150 and $230 (depending on the specification), and I highly advise a Bell/Tony Hawk helmet to go along with your purchase. You can get a better sense of what riding the Rocker’s like in the video, below, and check out a few more pictures over at Bikerumor. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: Bikerumor.

Jo Borrás

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